How can this year without chicken steamed bread, xiangmanyuan flour "chicken"
Publish date:2017-02-19       Source: Weifang Hongyuan Flour Co. LTD
    How can this year without chicken steamed bread, xiangmanyuan flour "chicken" hair childlike innocence

In the year of the Rooster 2017, the streets and alleys are full of chicken decorations. In the coming year, we will be filled with various chicken shapes. For the occasion, many mothers also like to prepare some lovely chicken food for their children, and chicken steamed bread has become one of the children's favorite noodles. Chicken steamed bread is lovely in appearance, rich in nutritional value, and the way is very simple, let's follow Xiangmanyuan flour to learn the way of chicken steamed bread!
        First, cut the pumpkin into small pieces, steam them, and then beat them into a pumpkin paste. The next step is to knead the dough. You need to knead the dough in two colors, white and yellow. The yellow dough adds the pumpkin paste to the kneading process. Take about 60g of white and yellow dough and round them separately. Add some white dough and a pinch of red yeast powder. Make a smooth red dough and use it for your comb and mouth. Take an appropriate amount of the yellow dough chicken mouth. Once everything is ready, put it in the pan and steam for 15 minutes. Let it sit for 5 minutes before lifting the lid. Finally, put the chocolate into a decorated bag. After heating and melting, cut a small mouth at the front and draw various expressions
        Xiangmanyuan flour is produced from the raw grain of high-quality wheat growing area, aiming at the needs of Chinese families to make various kinds of flour food, such as steamed bread, dumplings and noodles, etc., fresh wheat is specially selected. After more than 20 processes, refined grinding, the steamed bread, dumplings and noodles have full flavor and sweet taste. Don't you want to make a cute chick bun for the kids? Choose xiangmanyuan flour more at ease oh!
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